Q:Have you ever clogged the toilet or sink?

Survey result of adult 20-forties of men and women and the reflection which is a toilet targeted for 100 people (It's investigated in November, 2018.)

YES 94%

NO 6%

“Instantly fix clogged toilets and sinks!”

Have you searched on various information sites, or consulted the information on the Internet, and have not had a hard time solving it in various ways such as plastic bottles, shampoos, and general drainage cleaners? This pain only know that experienced toilet clogged! In order to solve the problem by calling a contractor, it will cost several tens of thousands yen or more, such as the basic fee, work fee, survey fee, business trip fee, etc., which exceeds the initially estimated amount. Also, the arrival of workers may be delayed, and it will take time to work, so it is difficult to solve them at the right time.

■I do not want to show it to anyone! ! Solve the clog of the toilet you want to solve alone!

・Trouble that toilet does not want to show to anyone
・The washroom and bath that flow does not feel well due to hair or dirt
・Sink which clogged up suddenly
That is the cause and the place are various.If it is closed once, it will take a considerable amount of time such as expenses such as tens of thousands yen to solve it!
However! With MR.PUNG (Mister Pong) All-In-One, you may be able to solve such problems in just one second!

■ I solve a blockage such as washroom & sink which flow is not well!

I don't know I've never bothered with water that pain! In order to solve the problem by calling a contractor, it will cost several tens of thousands yen or more, such as the basic fee, work fee, survey fee, business trip fee, etc., which exceeds the initially estimated amount. In addition, arrival of workers may be late and work may take time, and it is difficult to solve it at the time you want to use it immediately.

“Excellent pressure penetration!”

Stubborn clogs are solved once with the [superior pressure penetration ability] of "MR.PUNG All-In-One"!

※ This video is a manufacturer's Mr. Pong performance test video, use model will be the old model.

“It can be used again and again with a commercial carbonic acid cylinder!”

■Operating principle of MR.PUNG

MR.PUNG All-In-One is a principle that flushes out dirt and foreign matter in piping using the pressure of edible carbon dioxide (carbonic acid cylinder) used for soda machines.

1.Open the lid

2.Put a carbonic acid cylinder

3. press the button

Convenient toilets and drainage ports are eliminated with this simple operation.

The carbon dioxide cylinder used in MR.PUNG All-In-One is compressed with a volume of three 1.2 liter plastic bottles (approximately 4.2 liters) of edible carbon dioxide. Attach the carbonic acid cylinder to the body of the all-in-one, and press the button. The compressed carbon dioxide gas will instantly expand its volume from within the narrow pipe, and the pressure generated at this time will push out the clogged foreign matter.

Commercial carbon dioxide cylinder that can be used for MR.PUNG All-In-One

Material / material: Steel / food additive: carbon dioxide (carbon dioxide)
Liquefied carbon dioxide mass: 8 g / body, body weight (kg): 0.03

※The carbon dioxide cylinder used in this product can be used with the 8 g CO2 carbon dioxide cylinder manufactured by Taiwan MOSA. Please contact us when purchasing additional carbon dioxide cylinder separately.

Other than the above, use of other companies' carbon dioxide cylinders may cause failure, so please refrain from using them.

“ Smart storage without bulk!”

Should we store drainage cleaner in the bathroom?

"MR.PUNG All-in-one" is different!

Each part can be easily removed, and can be stored smartly by putting it in a dedicated storage case.

“ Easy removal! Sanitarily OK ”

I was very worried about what to do to ensure that there was no problem in terms of hygiene when using the tools used in the bathroom for the sink and sink. Parts were broken up so that the part corresponding to the urinal could be removed at the end of the trouble and the unit price increased, but the hygienic all-in-one was born.

It is easy to clean and can be used hygienically for storing and using the necessary parts at the time of use.

Patent & Product Information

Formal name: Momentary pressure penetration machine

Producing and producing all parts in Korea MR.PUNG's technology has been recognized not only in Korea but also in each country.

■Precautions on use

-It may not be possible depending on the type and degree of clogged drainage or foreign matter requiring a pressure of 5 kgf / cm2 or more.

-As it is a product that uses gas pressure, there is a risk of exhaust pipe damage if it is used after being exhausted or damaged. Please be sure to check the exhaust condition before use.

-After use, store it in a dedicated storage case and dry it well before storing.

-Do not use in a condition where winter drainage pipes etc. are frozen.

-Do not use the product with the human body facing, such as the face of a person.

- Keep out of reach of children. (Be careful not to use it directly with your children.)

- Please do not use it for anything other than this product.

-It is a product that is expected to have individual differences in usability due to clogging and the structure of the toilet. Therefore, we can not accept returns or refunds regarding the feeling of use.

Price & Trading Summary

We propose to users in each country, focusing on unique, creative and functional products. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested, especially in hospitals, hotels, nursing homes and schools.

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